Arkansas Adoption Home Study

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Home Visits

An Arkansas certified Home Study Provider is required to visit with you in your home to assess and hopefully qualify you and your home for adoption. During these visits, they are looking at the physical state of your home to ensure it is a safe and appropriate environment. A clean and safe environment is the goal, as well as making sure your home meets Arkansas state housing codes such as smoke detectors, safety railings, fences around pools, etc.

Personal Interviews

Home Visits provide an opportunity to meet with each person currently living in the home to evaluate how well a new child might be received and accepted into the household. These interviews tend to be in-depth, looking to learn more about your background, hobbies, interests, and upbringing. You will be requested for personal references that will be contacted and possibly interviewed as well.


Arkansas requires that a criminal background investigation be performed. If there is past history, it does not necessarily disqualify you. Additional documentation and statements might be able to suffice any necessary requirements.

Arkansas requires financial information and background. The primary focus is your financial security and stability. Tax returns, financial statements, pay stubs, and income verifications are typically requested.

Current medical histories – physical and mental are required. Typically a medical statement from the family doctor needs to be provided for potential adoptees.

As part of the Home Study process in Arkansas, you are required to submit to the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry.

More about the Arkansas Adoption Process

What is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal term used when someone other than the biological parent assumes legal responsibility for a child. The adoptive parent assumes all legal responsibilities for supporting the child. The final decree of adoption legally creates a parent-child relationship between the petitioner and the adopted child. The child is legally considered a blood relative of the adoptive parent for all purposes, including inheritance as well as child-support orders. The adoption also severs all legal relationships between the child and its biological relatives.

Who May Be Adopted in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, actually anyone can be adopted – even an adult. In order to adopt, either the parent or the adopted child must be a legal Arkansas resident.

Who is Able to Adopt?

Applicants seeking to adopt someone who is currently in foster care through the Department of Human Services (DHS) must be at least 21 years old, and no older than 65 years of age. Married applicants must be able to demonstrate a stable relationship. Private and Relative Adoptions may not be quite as strict. For instance:

  • An unmarried adult
  • The unmarried father or mother of the child
  • A married individual without the other spouse joining as a petitioner – for example, an adoption by a step-parent.